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As IT Security becomes ever more prevalent we at Sensical are aware that it is an area of great importance to our clients and it is vital that businesses plan appropriately to manage it. We are able to supply expertise in both Logical and Physical security design process and implementation.

Risk Assessment

Understanding the likelihood, frequency and then impact of security risks and vulnerability so appropriate controls can be put in place. Attacks on IT infrastructure both Logical and Physical have cost businesses millions of pounds every year. At Sensical we are able to guide you and share best practices (which meet ISO27001 standards) on how to protect your sensitive data and infrastructure integrity.

As the number of organisations that have been the victims of security breaches making the news headlines continues to increase and security breaches are becoming almost commonplace across all business sectors, those who are responsible for IT Security are asking the question: How vulnerable is my IT infrastructure? How do we detect threats?

Contact us today to discuss your needs or find out more about how Sensical can support you in assessing current risks to your IT infrastructure.


Our fully comprehensive design service can help you implement suitable levels of control, to mitigate risks to acceptable levels.  Our process covers the 3 main categories of security design; Physical, Logical and Process. We are able to recommend appropriate and cost effective measures for organisations of any size to meet industry wide recognised standards.

Good process design ensures compliance to policy as well as legislation. However it must remain mindful that process needs to be compliant yet sympathetic to day to day processes. We provide you with solutions which are enforceable and pragmatic.


Sensical has experience in assisting companies implement all elements of Security design. As part of all implementation plans, great care is taken to ensure that maintenance and support is also delivered.  We combine the very latest technology and expert management to create bespoke solution to guard your IT infrastructure and critical data against security threats and malicious attacks.

There are individuals in our Security team who hold MSyl accreditation as members of the Security Institutes.  Validating and demonstrating many years of security industry experience and relevant ongoing professional development. This ensures current best practice is adhered to and the latest developments in IT Security are shared with all our customers.

Our experienced and certified staff will handle full cycle management of your security systems, or work alongside your own security team, consulting and helping to create bespoke solution to guard your IT infrastructure and critical data against security threats and malicious attacks.

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