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“Cloud Computing” has developed and changed in meaning over the past decade, and we continue to adapt and take advantages of these developments to offer the very best service to our customers. In essence cloud computing delivers a number of key advantages over the more traditional “on premise” models of the late 1990s and early 2000s:


Sensical’s cloud-based product offerings deliver greater flexibility for our customers, allowing the service to be ramped up or down according to the precise needs of the client. This is possible due to the extensive investment in our platforms upon which the services are based, where significant additional capacity is readily available at short notice, to allow our customers to flex as they need.


With an ever more risk-aware and adverse market place, Sensical’s cloud has been designed and developed with resilience as a fundamental principle. The platform has multiple components at each level ensuring sufficient redundancy to provide a highly-resilient service. Diversity also plays a key part; ensuring services can be delivered from multiple locations and over multiple carrier connections. As the platform expands, these fundamental design principles are maintained. This guarantees Sensical’s cloud services can form an ideal part of your business continuity or disaster recovery strategy.


With legacy IT services, there’s often a significant up-front capital cost for equipment, installation and commissioning. Ongoing operational costs, such as licensing and maintenance are often long-term commitments, with the added depreciation of the equipment over time. Sensical’s cloud services allow customers to pay for what they use and ensure they are always running an up-to-date and secure platform. There are no upgrade costs as technology develops further and no large up-front costs when additional power and services are required.

Sensical provide a wide range of cloud based services, including applications, platforms and infrastructure (SaaS, PaaS & IaaS). We have experience of providing off-the-shelf services as well as more bespoke offerings and have the ability to work closely with the customer to fully understand your requirements and drivers behind any cloud-based project.

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