Hosted Exchange FAQ

This page contains documentation on setup and use of's Hosted Exchange (HEX) product. Sensical HEX is based on Microsoft® Exchange® technology and provides a comprehensive and cloud-based email, calendering and directory service for small and medium businesses.

If you are looking for support with setup and use of standard IMAP/POP email service then please read the general email instructions.

1.Web App - how to access Sensical HEX from any PC without setup
2.How to access HEX from your PC - setting up Outlook
2.1.Microsoft® Office Outlook® 2010
2.2.Microsoft® Office Outlook® 2007
3.How to access HEX from your smartphone or tablet
3.1.Apple® iPhone®, iPod® and iPad®
4.How to send email using a different identity
4.1.Microsoft® Office Outlook® 2010
4.2.Microsoft® Office Outlook® 2007
5.How do I change my password?
6.How to disable Outlook's junk email filtering
7.Other questions? Contact the Support Team

1. Web Appto top

The easiest way to access HEX is via the Web App. It is accessible via the web browser on any PC and does not require any setup. From any PC browser surf to the following address and use your full email address - e.g. - and password to login.

The first time you use the Web Access environment you will be asked to confirm your critical settings such as your preferred timezone.

2. Outlook on your PCto top

If you are using the same PC frequently, then you probably should install Microsoft® Outlook® on it as it easier to use and more fully featured than the Web App.

Sensical HEX supports Microsoft® Office Outlook® 2010 and Microsoft® Office Outlook® 2007. Please follow these links for step-by-step instructions on how to setup Microsoft® Outlook® on your PC:

3. Sensical HEX on your phone or tabletto top

Sensical HEX supports a wide range of portable devices such as phones and tablets. Devices that support Exchange ActiveSync™ can synchronise in real-time with your email, calendar and contacts. Other devies may only be able to access your Sensical HEX email. Please refer to your device's operating instructions and also our specific guides below for setting up your device:

4. How to send email using a different identityto top

We have prepared the following guides on how to send email using a different identity in Microsoft® Office Outlook®:

5. How do I change my password?to top

  1. You can change your password using the Wep App Control Panel. Login to the Web App - accessible at - as usual with your primary email address and current password. Once Logged in click Options in the top right of the screen and select Change Your Password... as per the picture below:

    Web App Change Password 1

  2. The change password screen, as shown below, will appear shortly. Enter your old password, enter and confirm your new password and click Save. Please note passwords must be a minimum of 8 characters long.

    Web App Change Password 2

6. How to disable Outlook's junk email filtering?to top

Some users have reported that Outlook's inbuilt spam/junk email filter sends too much legitimate email to the Junk Email folder. As runs a very advanced Spam filtering service already, you may wish to disable Outlook's inbuilt filter.

In Outlook 2010 this can be done as follows: Whilst in your Inbox, from the Ribbon at the top of Outlook click Junk (to the left of the Delete button). Select Junk Email Options from the drop down. On the Options tab select No Automatic Filtering. Click OK.

Please note that as this is a client setting, you will need to repeat this on each separate copy of Outlook you use.

7. Other questions?to top

If you have any other questions then please contact the Support team at